Thursday, June 4, 2009

Young's Pond Adventure

Devin's nursery school went on a field trip to a local pond 2 weeks ago, yes, I know I am behind! They start the adventure off with a picture scavenger hunt. Devin got his piece of paper and a crayon and we hiked through the bushes. As we identified items from the sheet we circled them on the paper, which in itself was a good exercise for Devin. We found stumps, roots, spider webs, maple leaves, ants and more. When we finished the hike we had arrived at the little pond. We brought Devin's butterfly catching net and insectarium to help us look for treasures. One of Devin's teachers, Connie used Devin's net to get a nice scoop of sludge from the pond and inside we found a baby salamander (or at least that is what we thought, didn't quite look like a tadpole).
Here is Devin posing with his circle teacher, Judy. I can't say enough about the teachers at this school. They have worked very hard with Devin this year (and us). Devin has come a long way in the conflict resolution department and his communication has developed in leaps and bounds. He isn't a perfect little boy, but I don't think we would appreciate or enjoy him near as much if he was. Next year, our not so little boy is off to junior kindergarten - woah! Now, if I could only get him to hold a pencil!

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