Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi, ho, hi, ho a gardening I will go!

A few years ago we decided it was time to do something with the lawn that consistently died come summer weather. We didn't even have to dig up the lawn because honestly there wasn't any left. Making the garden was an easy decision, but a big job. Luckily I had help from my parents and they introduced me to the garden well. We would dig a large hole, throw a little compost in the bottom, fill it with water and then add the new plant. I have been using this method ever since and it works well! We orginally transplanted all the plants I had in the backyard and split the ginormous hostas into many, many smaller ones, same with all my sedum and iris's - this is what makes up most of my garden.

So, for 3 years these plants have been allowed to grow and blossom, along with my youngest child. Now that Devin is old enough for me to work in the yard I don't have to be constantly checking to see if he is on the road or running down the street and I can actually get some gardening done! The kids play on the swings, in the little playhouse or in the fairy garden they have been creating seen below!
I have added a few more interesting plants and ornaments to the garden and it is starting to take shape! I just put my rustic wheelbarrow in today to get a feel for what I should put in there and how I should do it - any ideas or suggestions? I need help on this one! Beside the wheelbarrow are a couple of stray gnomes... they aren't allowed near the fairy garden as fairies don't get along with gnomes! (Who knew?)

Below is a picture of the vegetable portion of our garden. We planted a few rows of carrots and green onions, as well as a tomato and some strawberries. It is our first year doing this, so we will see how that goes. (As I am looking at these pictures, I am realizing how dark it was outside - I'll post some more again in a few weeks to show you what I do with the wheelbarrow and make sure the light is better)

Below is my new cherry tree! It won't bloom this year, but it will get small whiteish, pink flowers in the spring and they are beautiful!

And most importantly, below you will see my gardening philosophy. It is staked right near the front of the garden, I only wish it was bigger!


mom said...

looks awesome laura looking forward to seeing pics of your new patio furniture. Rained most of the day again NUTS We did go in the hottub with the kids tonight for a few minutes. They leave in the morning. Deanna is taking the wagon home with her. Seems a shame to have it here not being used. Back to work tomorrow dad is still not great so will be a long week for him. Love to all, sorry we didn't get a change to talk. MOM

Pamela said...

Hey Laura,

I would think of something that trails down the sides of your wheel barrow, like ivy, but with flowers? It might mean another trip to the green house? I would think something showy as well, to make people look at the wonderful ornaments around the wheel barrow. Very nice. I did mention that I have a whack of dirt still infront of my house if you want to use any of it :)