Thursday, June 4, 2009

Capital City Race

Next year I will bring my camera! I never want to have anything to worry about or deal with when I am doing the run, but when you get down there you sure wish you had the camera. 8000 runners in the 5km event alone! Another 8000 running the 10 km just following us! It is crazy!
My good friend, Sandi and I ran the race together... well... one of my colleagues, Stephane tells me that you say "did" the 5 km, if you ran and walked part of it, so we DID the 5 km. Sandi and I ran (slow jogged) for 17 minutes and then walked for a few minutes to cool down and drink some water. From that point on we ran for 5 or so minutes and then walked and then ran, until we were done! It took us 49 minutes all told.
It sure felt great to finish and I did see Stephane about 100 meters before the finish line, so that was pretty cool! Everyone in the race receives a medal when they cross the finish line and the kids thought it was pretty cool that I "won" the race!


Loukia said...

Congrats to you! I can't walk around my block without feeling tired!

Pamela said...

Good job Laura. Now I am motivated to do a little running on my own. Just have to find the time :)