Monday, June 8, 2009

Learning to Ride like Poppa!

For weeks now we have been practicing riding a 2 wheeler with Jasmine. She has come along way, but is having difficulty getting started and stopping on her own. Unfortunately this makes her non-street ready and so we practice down the block in a small parking lot.

Devin had been a little hesitant to get on his bike, especially since daddy had to focus on running behind Jasmine. Now that Jasmine can ride a little better on her own, I can help her get started and daddy can focus on Devin. Devin is a good little trooper, but going fast scares him. Jay told him to ride like Poppa and it basically became a mantra, "ride like poppa, ride like poppa!" I'm pretty sure riding a bicycle will never be as fast as riding a Harley, but Devin doesn't need to know that ;)

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