Thursday, June 18, 2009

A busy week

A week ago today, Devin's cousin Oli came over for a playdate (and he brought his dad with him, too). The boys had great fun and Olivier finally got his birthday present... the huge bubble blower. It was a great success, but unfortunately it had a short lifespan as it only worked the first time. I guess I will have to see if we can return it?
Gramma and Poppa Quirk arrived from Saskatchewan last Friday. On the weekend, we had some warm weather and the kids actually had a chance to run through the sprinkler - they both loved that!

On Saturday, we headed to Uncle Greg's for a family barbecue. Jay and I had a chance to play badminton. I do like that game... (maybe because I think I might be better than Jay at it - wink :) The cousins had a hoot in the sandbox and running around with the bubble lawn mower. Really, the best part was when they all got naked and had a jumbo bath together - couldn't be cousins without that ritual!

On Sunday, Jay and I got all dressed up to attend Jay's brothers convocation ceremony. He received his MBA after 3 years of night school. A lot of nights, a lot of papers, a lot of group work, a lot of not having any life but school, a lot of WORK period! Greg, we are so proud of you for achieving this goal.

The week continued with another graduation... Devin's graduation from Nursery School. No more duty days, no more providing snack for 30 cute children and no more wonderful help from his blessed teachers. Devin's teachers: Judy, Connie and Grayzna are simply the best! They taught him how to express his frustration in words instead of actions, they helped develop his speech, social skills and conflict resolution.... he has come a long way with their guidance and we are ever so grateful - thanks ladies! Devin also had his pool party this week, but since I was in the pool I have no pictures of that! (Gramma came to watch, so I am sure I will get some)
Tonight, we had Jasmine's year end ballet recital. A short presentation highlighting all the skills they learned over the term. She was pretty cute!

Tomorrow, I think we have a normal day - phew! We've done lots more this week, but I don't have photos of it all: The Quirks (Jay, his brother and parents) all got loaded last night. I think this is becoming tradition, Sherry makes a killer lasagna and serves it with many bottles of wine. They play cards and laugh the night away. I came home from helping my girlfriend pack her house (hi, Cynthia) and they were having a blast. Jay was liquored up completely - pretty funny actually! We ate supper out at Jack Astor's and Mongolie grill (Jasmine calles it "the white wrap restaurant"). The kids also went to Dairy Queen in a wagon ride and painted and played with play-doh, I added 14 more bags of mulch to my yard, Jay put together the new patio table and 8 chairs with the help of his dad and brother (they still have to be sealed before I set it up and take pictures) and... we've been doing the 12 days of father's day where Jay gets a gift every day for 12 days before the big day... man, we have been busy! And that my friends is why I forgot about the Salad of the Week - sorry!
To end, there is only 1 more week of school and then it is summer holidays - Woo, hoo!


mom said...

nice to know were not the only ones to get Jay loaded! Have a good weekend Love mom

Pamela said...

I was over that night of drunken debauchery and got to have half a glass - Grace enjoyed watching the batwoman episode of Batman. Bit by bit she is getting aclimitized to those cartoons!

Good to hear that you may be taking a break this weekend! Take care you! All the best to the Quirks :)