Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Salad of the Week

Okay, it's not technically a salad, but it is a close as I could get. This is a mango chutney recipe that my mom and I found a few years ago when she was visiting. It is supposed to go on top of brie cheese on crustini bread, but that isn't really that healthy (although it is AWESOME!) I often use it as a topping for salmon, pork or chicken and I love it every time!

Chop a mango into small chunks, chop a red apple into small chunks, finely mince a small handful of fresh cilantro (makes a big difference if it is fresh and I was soooo excited to use my garden cilantro - it is growing very well and smells wonderful!), finely chop a ring of red onion, add a sprinkle of chilli pepper flakes, a tablespoon or so of Balsamic vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. It is supposed to sit in the fridge for an hour to meld flavors, but tonight we ate it right away and it was still awesome!
Tonight we had our chutney on top of a wine & herb salmon fillet with a side of broccoli.

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