Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The rest of our week - last week!

We did survive all the business (busyness?, I'll have to look that up) of last week and here are a few more photos to prove it! Here is a shot of Devin and I in the pool on his last day of nursery school. He didn't love it, but he did come in and he did have some moments of fun! He starts his lessons in this very pool next week, so hopefully that will go well.
Jasmine had her ballet recital and it was very cute! They showed us all their fancy footwork and did have a little routine that highlighted all that they had learned.

Jasmine had her year end outdoor fun day and I did sneak up and take a few pictures. Above she is tossing water balloons with her friend Garnet and below she is running through part of the relay race. A fun morning for her!

While I had built in babysitters with my in-laws visiting, I took the opportunity to do some work in my garden and added 14 more bags of mulch.

The kids had more playtime in the yard with gramma and poppa. They got wet in the sprinkler and kiddie pool and had a grand old time! Gramma also bought the boys matching outfits - super cute!

Jay's parents took Uncle Greg out to buy him a matching Barmah hat, so they would all match, too!

Above Jasmine is waiting anxiously for her school play to start. She was Petite Chaperon Rouge or Little Red Riding Hood. She did a very good job and wasn't as embarrassed (I would say nervous, but she says embarassed) as she usually is. Her friend Garnet from above played Monsieur Loup (or the wolf) who ate her in the play - Gloup, Gloup! (or tried to eat her, not totally sure what happened at the end, as it was in French AND I don't understand French.) The beginning of many things I will not understand when it comes to my children's education!

Here is Jasmine posing with her teacher, Madame Abdelnour. Her teacher was recently absent for a week and Jasmine missed her very much. According to Jasmine, she makes her feel like a "big kid" because she says Jasmine brings a lunch to school as her snack is so big. The other teachers call it a snack and that makes Jasmine feel like a baby... who knew such a little thing could impact a child so much! Thanks Madame, Jasmine's French accent is awesome and her vocabulary is already matching mine with 7 years of core French under my belt!

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