Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Around here I don't have the best record for choosing good movies, so Jay hadn't even planned on watching Slumdog when I brought it home! I started it up and Jay planned to clean the kitchen from supper, uh, huh, women you heard me right - my man, does the dishes! He's the best! Anyhow, right from the beginning of the move he came over closer to the TV to see what was happening and eventually sat down. He said, "I'll just watch until a slow part comes along". Two hours later the movie was over and our kitchen was still a mess!

I rented this movie because it had won a lot of awards and people who had watched it actually said it was good. Often the award winning movies, people haven't even heard, let alone seen and the ones who have seen it don't understand why it won. Sometimes you watch those movies just to see them and know what people are talking about, but you are left feeling like you wasted your time. Well, you won't be with this one!
Some of the child stars were impoverished children from the streets of Mumbai and the director was supposedly trying to help them by purchasing homes and ensuring they could get to school. If their real life is anything like the scenes they showed of the characters growing up, you sure hope that he has met with success!

If you have not seen this movie, Jay and I recommend that you do!


Lizzy Borden said...

We were hesitant at first to see this movie also. I find any of those movies that are nominated for awards are long and boring, and yep, a waste of time. This one was very well done and enjoyed by my husband and myself. A great story.
Definitely a movie worth watching.

Loukia said...

I hsve heard nothing but great things about this movie, and after reading your thoughts on it, I think we'll rent it, too! :) Thanks for your lovely comments about my anxiety over kindergarten, your comments are always greatly appreciated. :)

Cynthia McKellar said...

Nicolas and I saw this movie on our second date. Just goes to show you are skilled at matchmaking and choosing good movies! You ROCK!