Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crossfit 12.1

Hello all,

I really had NO, I mean absolutely no intention of posting this video.  Hell, I was barely telling anyone I entered this competition, but it seems in order to be eligible I have to have my video on a site.  So, instead of broadcasting it to the whole world on youtube, I thought this might be just a wee bit safer.

This is my first workout for crossfit, I do not expect you to watch it, I am not even sure I want you to watch it, but do whatever you like.  The challenge was:

Workout 1
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
This workout begins from the standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Score is total reps completed.
So, here is my video and I did a total of 56 reps in my second trial.  53 reps in my first trial. 
Jay also tried, just for fun and he scored 93 reps and then Jasmine tried, but only for 2 minutes instead of 7 and she did 28 - crazy!  Devin is napping, but you can be sure we will get him to try when he wakes up, too!
I am dreading next weeks, I will be eliminated at some point, because they will ask me to lift too much weight or do chin ups or some combination of that will be impossible for me, but I figured I might as well do what I can.