Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To my mom and dad

I find my mom and dad are getting a little ripped off in the mother's day/father's day department these days. We live in Ottawa and they live in Saskatchewan. We only see each other once a year and often longer than that even. Moving to Ottawa was not a hard decision, we were kids really (sure seemed like it anyhow), it was a new place and an adventure, plus they hired engineers here. Deciding to stay in Ottawa was a big decision and at times still haunts us. This weekend my two sisters were at home visiting my mom and dad and whenever that happens I always get little tugs to my heart - just wish I was there, too! This year my mom and dad came to visit and my dad helped build our new deck, which we just bought furniture for, blog to come soon once it is put together, anyhow... what did my dad get out of it ... a hug from me and a pulled shoulder muscle - how's that for appreciation?

It's not like it is real difficult to send a gift in the mail, but knowing what to get when you aren't at home very often is tricky. You don't really know what they need or have. (Although my dad was talking a lot about a trolling motor when he was here this year, sorry dad, we don't know anything about motors!) After saying all that, I wanted to send a shout out to my mom and dad and say thanks!

To my mom and dad -you are the best! I love it when we have time to catch up on the phone. I love it when you send me emails telling me what is up with you. I love it when we get little care packages with chiropractic balloons and advil samples. I love it when you talk to the kids or send them cool videos, especially when you are dressed up in costumes and have magic wands. I love it that the two of you still really love each other and enjoy hanging out together. I love it that you have 3 girls who have all fallen in love based on your strong example and all have their own healthy families. I love it that you only work 3 1/2 days a week and takes lots of cool holidays. I love that you enjoy life and try to help us enjoy our lives as much as possible, too! I love it that you have lots of friends to be with. I love it when you come to visit and I can't wait until you retire when you can come and stay for a whole month! I love it when you visit and do a bunch of work around here, like build a deck, clean the garage, sew curtains, paint a bedroom, fix a toilet, fix a door, make supper, plant the garden, take the kids on adventures... I love you both a lot! I hope you know that! Thanks for everything and happy mother's day and happy father's day! Sorry, all I gave you was this blog entry!

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mom and dad said...

PRICELESS!!!! Love you more! Seems like even after we've seen each other we're already talking about the next time! We can only hope your children enjoy your company and that your role models for them.
Maybe print this out and put it away til the day when we become pains in the butt and you have to do stuff for us! Love mom

I love our holidays with you guys, it's nice that we're best friends and I love that you are surrounded by such good friends for support when we can't be there. Nice place and community ...look forward to the next visit.I'm not the easiest guy to work with, so you know Jay is a Gem for surviving the deck experience with his father -in-law from HELL. Love Dad XXOO P.S. Thanks for the very cool trolling rod, it rocks!