Friday, June 5, 2009

Scrapbooking - finally!

Last night Pam and I finally hooked up to do some scrapbooking! Who are we kidding, Pam and I chatted for about 2 hours and then when she left I started scrapbooking. Getting together with friends to scrapbook is great, but we don't always accompish what we would like. I know Pam didn't get as much done as she wanted, but that was mostly because all my markers are 5 years old and my gel pens kept crapping out on her - sorry, Pam :( Guess I know what to buy at my next scrapbookers club!

All of these layouts were ones I started at my scrapbook club with Linda at Stampin' Up! workshops. This one above, we learned how to make background paper using wheels. We also used the Big Shot to punch out all the snowflakes, applied glitter to add pizzazz to our title and she taught us how to make bottle cap embellishments - pretty cool! I scrapbooked Jasmine and Devin's first skating experiences. I figure by putting the 2 together I have saved myself having to do a second layout on skating!

In this layout we focused on using the new circle cutting tool and using designer paper. The first page of the layout always looks better, because that is the one I do at Linda's house and then I come home to create the second page on my own. It can be tricky, because often I have to use my own supplies and sometimes I don't have the paper too match, so I get to be extra creative! I love the title - Love Devin in the circle, it is awesome and of course I just love all the pictures of him with his Gramma and Grampa Shadbolts.

I started this one at Linda's, but I think I just did it on my own. She had shown us how to use chipboard in the Big Shot, so the "F" and "C" are made out of that. I also double mounted a lot of my photos and I love the look of that! I added the 2 pages seperately below, so you can really see the precious look on Devin's face when he is fighting for the pail. Who knew a pail, could cause such an uproar. We've got smart in our old age and now we have more than 1!

I love it when I get my butt downstairs and scrapbook. I hope this will give me the incentive to get down there more often! I have 4 more layouts to complete the second side of from my scrapbook dates with Linda. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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mom said...

nice job loa, I got done our visit to Ottawa 2 years ago (nasty) and the baptism, tulip festival and race track which is what I started at your house will maybe take pics for you. having a great weekend with kids even though the weather sucked big time! Snow in June NUTS as Sam would say!