Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do the rest of you do it?

Lots of people look forward to summer, some because they like the hot weather, for others it is time to spend at the cottage, but for me it's time off from work to catch up on life. I use my summer to try and visit all the friends I really do want to visit, but never seem to find the time during the school year. I finally clean all the cupboards that need straightening, like the linen closet and all the expired medicine that is in there - yech! I re-organize the basement, go through the clothes, get odd jobs done and on and on. I also plan fun activities for the family because we have time and energy to do them in the summer.

I am lucky that my husband actually likes his job. He has no qualms about going in to work while the rest of us potentially have a jammy day and watch movies all day or head out to the park for a picnic without him. He of course loves doing all these things, too and we try to involve him in some of these fun activities, but he doesn't whine and complain that he has to work while we have fun. He also doesn't expect the house to spotless just because I am home. He loves it if the kids and I have had a fun day and doesn't even fuss if he has to help do the dishes that night because I wasn't home to do them - what a guy... he's a keeper!

Last summer I made a list of activities and places that we wanted to go and things to do, but it was a little too big and we didn't knock nearly as many things off the list as I would have liked, but I also forgot about all the other playdates and holidays that we had scheduled. So this year I want to select a few larger adventures to do and one of them is to take the kids fishing. My friend Carol facebooked about her successful fishing day at Thistle Springs Fish Farm and that is definately on our To Do this summer list! If you live in the Ottawa area and have a unique adventure for a 3 and 6 year old please send me your ideas.

We've only just begun our holidays, but we have already had a swim at a friends pool, ran around at a splash park, attended 2 family barbecues, spend $90 at Chapters (well actually only $25 thanks to all my school kids and their year end gift cards - thanks!) and knocked a whole bunch of small errands off the list, too!

Here is to a great summer filled with adventures and fun, a family holiday in Chicago with my sister and her family, swimming lessons, soccer practices and much, much more!


Pamela said...

Hey Laura,

I would love to say that I have a space time continum in my closet to get things done, but I don't. It usually is me staying up late to get stuff done, but also forcing myself to do the dishes when I want to veg, because I know that it will be even more dishes to be done tomorrow if I don't do them now!

Place to go - Saunder's Farm has some fun days. Heather Howley mentioned the Valleyview Farm? It may be expensive but doable for a one time thing? I have always wanted to go to Pihney's point and they may have weekend activities or weekday, not sure? I also am thinking there may be some local museums to try out? I don't know what is in Kanata, but Ottawa has some and you could get there without driving on the Queensway - but it is just a thought. I will see what else I can think of.


Quirkymom said...

We haven't tried Pinhey's point so we should make plans to take a picnic lunch there this year! Good idea! We've done Valleyview and Saunders, both great, but I want something different than we have already done. Both kids went to the experimental farm with school this year, too!