Friday, April 3, 2009

Time Travel - blast from the past!

I saw a post like this on another blog I read and thought it was an interesting reflection, so thought I would try it out myself.

20 years ago I was 14 years old and in grade 9 at Shaunavon High School. My sister Leslie would have been 11 and Deanna would have been 9. I was a very innocent kid, not doing much of anything... likely started Air Cadets this year with my dad, worked on yearbook and played badminton and volleyball on the junior team.

15 years ago I was 19 years old and in my 2nd year of univeristy in Regina. I lived in the Luther dorms and this summer I was hooking up with my husband for the first time!

10 years ago I was married to Jay for almost a year and was supply (substitute) teaching in the Alta Vista area of Ottawa where we had our first apartment.

5 years ago I had Jasmine, she would be almost a year old by now. I was still on materity leave and had just started my Stampin' Up! business.

This year I am working half time in the afternoons, teaching English to grades 5 & 6. Jasmine is almost 6 and Devin is 3. Jay and I are tired, but life is good!

Today I had a parent teacher interview with a grade 5 parent, took Jasmine to the book fair at school, put together 5 new X-men figures (Storm, Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops and Deathbird), picked Devin up from Nursery School, had chicken noodle soup for lunch,put the kids down for a nap, scrapbooked with my girlfriend Linda, consoled a very sad Devin when he woke up from his nap, signed the Direct Engery Forms from the guy who serviced my furnace, I had a good long chat with mom Quirk, had barbecued hamburgers for supper and I am currently completing my blog entry from yesterday! Tonight I need to walk/run my 3rd day of training for this week (run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute - 7 times)

Next year I hope to be sitting out on my new deck drinking a margarita.

In 5 years, Jasmine will be in grade 5 and I could potentially be teaching her. Devin will be in grade 3 - this is crazy to even dream about right now. I could also be back to work full time, but I hope not - I love half time, maybe I will go 3/4 time - that would be ideal! I hope to be an A4 by then, the highest pay scale I can be. With any luck, our house will be paid off and we will be able to replace all our windows and do some landscaping. We hope to have gone on a family trip somewhere exotic by then and we will be planning our Family French Immersion trip to Northern Quebec around this time. (or that's the plan anyways!)

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Anonymous said...

20 years ago I was 35 years old and was selling real estate, the year before I had got my Broker's license and had taken over my sponsor's company. I had to re-name it and come up with a logo and get new signs, magnets, letterhead etc. This was actually fun and made it more like it was my business instead of just carrying on with Roger's.On the down side as I was by myself we didn't do much as I had to stay pretty close to home.
15 years ago I was working for dad and Sandy was doing most of the real estate, which worked really well. I turned 40 and celebrated my birthday at the cabin at Lac Pelletier. My crazy plan was to water ski, what a mistake! Never did get up and smacked the bar into my knees and was bruised and limped around for days! My plan backfired as I was trying to encourage you Laura to try things even if you really didn't want to or were afraid to! I probably didn't bug you after that!
10 years ago Avon Realty was no more which didn't break my heart for a second, the cabin was sold and we were recuperating from 2 weddings. Laura and Leslie both found their soulmates and we had wonderful celebrations.
We had an empty nest as Deanna had moved to Medicine Hat, honestly for us it wasn't too much of an adjustment as she was a social butterfly and didn't seem to be home much anyway! AS Murray and I are soulmates it was something we were looking forward to as another stage of our lives began.
5 years ago we must be the luckiest parents alive, all our daughters are happily married with wonderful husbands and we now had 3 grandchildren which is the best gift there is!
Our lives took another turn when we moved Gramma Roney here. Even though it was a lot of extra responsibility and we couldn't get away as much it was a wonderful time having her so close and feeling that we were making her last few years happy and comfortable. Murray was amazing and I was so thankful.
Today were still happily working together, cutting back on our time and having some wonderful vacations! With mom gone that is easier now. Have 3 more grandchildren and are excited about seeing our "Ottawa Kids"
next week. Of course we wish you were closer and we could see you more often but we realize that Ottawa is your Shaunavon and seems like that is where you are supposed to be. Thank goodness for web cams, digital pictures and cheap long distance!
In 1 year we hope to see all our kids again to help Gramma Shadbolt celebrate her 80th birthday (what an amazing woman!) and also their 60th wedding Anniversary. I also hope that us girls will have been on a "roadtrip" again.
In 5 years I hope we will be retired,still in good health and have enough bucks to spend a lot of time traveling and visiting kids more often. We can't foresee moving away from Shaunavon, we have spent years getting our house just the way we want it and we love it here.
Fun going down memory lane!