Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter - chocolate overload?

As much as I love chocolate, I really do, I don't love my kids to eat great amounts of it in one sitting. I assume I am not the only parent like this, but yet the Easter bunny continues to bring a "honkin" big chocolate treat, plus all the little stuff. Most of our little stuff is gone now, just Caramilk eggs left really, sorry dad, but most all of that pony in the picture is still here.

With Halloween treats we let them eat them for about 3 days and then they get to choose a few items to keep and the rest gets taken to Jay's work. With these big things it is harder to do that. I'm tempted to leave them in window so they melt - then I have an excuse to throw them away - oops, my bad ;)

PS: You can see me laying on the couch here - this is Easter Sunday, I spent the day on the couch recuperating from a night of stomach flu - ugh! Eating too much chocolate this year was not my problem, too bad!


Heather said...

Just checked out you blog, great stuff! I hear you about the chocolate - I wish our kids didn't get so much. Unlike most women, I'm not that fond of chocolate, so the stuff can lie around the house for months. Everyone forgets about it after a while.

I like your idea of taking it to work, I work next to the IT group and they are gluttons for free food.

As to your earlier blog about friends, sometimes I feel like making friends is too much work - isn't that awful? I have some great friends, you among them, and sometimes I think that's enough. I can barely keep track of my own life, never mind other people's lives! That being said, I always seem to make one new good friend wherever I work and we manage to keep in touch after I leave my job.

bamemories said...

Hey, great minds (I mean stomachs) think alike. I was sick with the stomach flu too on Sat. night. Maybe we'll be good for the year now!