Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I say that and hopefully Kharma won't bite me in the ass - it was a lot cooler today and rainy, but overall the weather has been nicer. All the snow has melted and the kid's bikes and swings are out, along with the fairy garden (will post later).
Devin is afraid of his bike. He will sit on it, but does not want to even put his feet on the pedals. My problem is, I can't hunch over for that long to push him. So, tonight I played hard ball and if he didn't put his feet on the pedals it was time to go into bed! So, here I am with time to write this post because he refused to put his feet on the pedals and I am already done the dishes, as he went to bed about 45 minutes early!

Jasmine on the other hand was very sad today when she realized her friend, Nasu,

who is younger than her already has her training wheels off. In fact, when she came home today, she went up to her room for some alone time and when she came back down she had drawn a picture. It had a picture of her with a bicycle and NO training wheels with a BIG smile on her face ... and then a picture of her WITH training wheels and BIG frown on her face - wow! What a way to express your feelings! So tonight we took the training wheels off and Jay ran up the block with her. His favorite saying, "pedal faster". She did quite well for her first time, but Jay already had to establish a few rules like, no talking when you are pedaling. As she was biking she commented on all the birds that were flying overhead. Second rule, no saying, "I'm sorry!"

Hopefully I can take some video of Jasmine on the 2 wheels and post that soon!


Loukia said...

OH that is so cute about your daughter drawing that picture. It is so great that she is able to express herself like that! And good for her for learning so quickly! It's a proud parent moment for sure!

Quirkymom said...

Well, she hasn't "learned" yet! Jay held on pretty much the whole time, except for supposedly 4 seconds!