Sunday, April 5, 2009


At the book fair on Friday, Jasmine was allowed to purchase something of her choice. She of course chose something that I was less than thrilled about, but I had promised... so she ended up with the Super Spy Girl kit. In the kit is a hearing device for spying on other people's conversations and in the little book that accompanies it, it explains how to be a good spy. Anyhow, this morning her little friend Josh came over and this gave her the perfect opportunity to test out her new gear. They started off by whispering secret codes to each other from across the room and seeing if they could hear it on the listening device. At one point I heard Jasmine whisper "green snot" and then Josh yelled back from across the room "green snot" - it was so exciting! Then we decided they needed a real mission, so we used Avery labels to make a secret spy ID badge for each of them and then I gave them a list of words. First they had to figure out what the words said (remember they are not quite 6 yet), then they had to take the old digital camera and take a picture of it - without being caught by my husband. He wandered around the house and they hid behind curtains and under tables trying not to be detected. After a successful first mission, they were given a second mission which was to take as many different pictures of Spiderman as they could. Any picture that they missed, meant they had to do 5 sit ups! In the end they had to do 15 sit ups - too cute!

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