Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just do it :)

Writing comments on here is not the easiest thing, I tried a few times and even found it to be a pain, especially since most of you are not bloggers and don't have a google account. Please, don't give up on it, try to experiment, I believe you can post under anonymous and then sign your name at the bottom of your comment. I love hearing feedback and getting comments - lets me know someone is reading it :)

Anything you want me to talk about or see more of? Anyone have a good salad for me to try? Did any of you answer my riddle? (I know Les and gang did) Did any of you think about the 20 years ago... I was post? Does anyone have a children's author they like that I should try with my kids? Don't be shy to respond or share!

Thanks for reading!

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Pamela said...

We like Canadian authors - Phoebe Gilman is popular right now. I just read something by Don Gilmor, that was pretty cute. I think I might try some Marie-Louise Gay. Of course we love the M is for Maple series.

Check them out!