Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Salad of the week

This week's salad had actually been option #2 a few weeks ago when Jay chose sun-dried tomatoes as his ingredient of choice. I hadn't loved the oil soaked version of the tomatoes, so I am trying again with sun dried tomatoes from a package - you have to actually soak them in water before using to soften them up. I preferred this version over the oil soaked ones myself, but Jay didn't seem to think these tasted as strong (maybe that is why I liked them better?) The base I used was a baby arugula/baby spinach mix. I never had arugula before, so it was fun to try it. Didn't taste much different than most lettuce to me, actually it tasted very similar to the spinach? I didn't make my own croutons like the recipe said, but did splurge and buy some that looked big and yummy. It was a bonus that the recipe called for pine nuts, ha, ha - still half a bag left or so.

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laura said...

Sorry the website for the recipe has an extra http:// so it doesn't work - try this one