Saturday, May 2, 2009

You can dress 'em up, but...

My mom and dad have been visiting for the last week and NO we aren't ready to get rid of them yet. In fact, we have a whole list of things that still need to be fixed around here. It has been great, well more than great, having my dad around to help work on the deck, but because they are always working on the deck, nothing else around here got fixed! Yes, this means our house will slowly fall apart over the next year.... actually it already started, this morning we found a wet spot in the ceiling of the basement - another leaky toilet! This house has a history, we fix one thing and something else breaks.... Murphy's Law I guess!
Mom has been a great help taking care of the kids, cooking meals and the BEST at cleaning the kitchen, I could really hire that job out, it is so nice not to have to always clean up after supper - what a difference that job makes! We did everything that was on our list to do while they were here, tackling the deck being the big one, but we also went to the pool for a swim, gramma read books to the kids on the top bunk and taught Jasmine how to sew by making a sleeping bag for her "BEARY". They went for a real adventure to Andrew Haydon Park where the kids walked over a mile and finished off with Dairy Queen. We went out for a "grown up" supper, the pictures can show you just how grown up it was, too funny! We ate at D'arcy McGee's Irish Pub upon dad's request. After putting them both to work all week, they treated us to supper - thanks mom and dad!


bamemories said...

You're so lucky to have your parents come and visit for such an extended period of time. That just doesn't happen in our household--But I sure know that we'll be awesome grandparents to our kids' kids because of it. Enjoy it and milk it for all its worth!

Quirkymom said...

We see my parents about once a year, we usually go home or meet them somewhere one year and the alternating year they come and see us. So, when we see each other we try to make it worth our while and stay as long as we can and have quality time together.

Jay's parents are lucky, because both of their kids live here, so they come to visit at least 2 or 3 times a year. Mom and dad have 3 of us and we are all spread out, so they have a tougher time spreading out their holidays.

I am glad they get to stay so long because it always takes a few days for the kids to warm up to them and for them to figure out the kids routine :) Plus, we get more work done on the house that way, ha! Maybe when they retire, they will be able to stay for a month?