Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleepover Party - woo, hoo!

This is Jasmine posing with her sleeover party cake. She wanted kids in sleeping bags. I made a big one for her and then made individual loaf cakes for each of the kids to look like them (well, sorta like them). The candy stick was the big hit *note to self: always incorporate a lollipop on the cake - smashing success! Devin's mini cake is the one on the right with the short, spikey hair.

Jasmine waited by the door for her friends to arrive about 20 minutes early. We bought these "Charmed and Dangereous" dolls from our babysitter across the street in the garage sale they had last week. It was like a sign as there was one for each kid! So, Jasmine had them all lined up holding hands and when her friends arrived, they got to pick the one they wanted to keep!

For supper, we kept it simple and enjoyed Pizza Hut! They watched My Little Pony and ate pizza for almost an hour, LUVed it!

After we had a refill of energy from supper and cake, we played party games. Jasmine had wanted to play "sleeping bag, sleeping bag, pyjamas", a game she invented... basically duck, duck, goose! The kids ran chased each other for 15 minutes and laughed hysterically. Devin just kept running and running and running and running and the girls thought this was too funny!

I of course had them pose many times for pictures and most of the time I couldn't get them all smiling or being serious, but there were a few good ones.

After some games of freeze dance and hide and go seek, we were ready for bed. Time to get in jammies, brush teeth and hair. Most important, all the stuffed animals, hankies, blankies and even lizards - woah!

These girls had such a blast! Next time I think I will just get them ready for bed right after supper and let them just have a ball in the bedroom in their jammies! I think I might also tape all the curtains shut and throw towels over the top of the curtains, so they didn't wake up with the sun 5:30 a.m. - ugh! They played in the room until 6:45, so it wasn't so bad for the grown ups!

After a breakfast of banana chocolate chip pancakes, we started with the spa treatment. Including foot baths, hair curling, make up application, nails painted and for some even face masks.

Give it a few more years and Devin will be paying to lay across the girls laps like that - ha! He fit right in and had a good time with all the girls. He of course had to have his nails and make up done as well! A fun time had by all! Today we are recuperating and catching up on sleep!

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Pamela Dixon said...

Looks like they had a blast. Great organiziing - mother!

How am I going to top that for Grace now?

I agree, you will have to remind Devin he already got his moment on girls laps young :)

Take care.