Friday, May 8, 2009

7 unknown, but awesome facts about me!

I seen this on Loukia's blog and just had to try it! I am not convinced I can come up with 7 awesome facts that people don't know about me, but here goes.

1) I would like a tattoo, but when Jay and I went to look at them we couldn't decide what we wanted and eventually gave up :(

2) My next door neighbour in dorm one year was a sex addict and could have multiple orgasms and... well, quite frankly, I just want to know how you do that.

3) I have never tried drugs, but when one of my friends from work told me about her experieces with marijuana, I was sort of interested to try... but I'm too chicken shit! I seriously think something bad could happen to me.

4) Yesterday a student in my grade 5 class told me that I am her favorite teacher ever and that because of me she now loves to read. That is awesome!

5) The best concert I have been to was the Beach Boys, sang and danced the whole time with my mom and dad - an absolute blast! Runner up concert, believe it or not.... The Wiggles - I sang and danced through that whole concert, too! So sad!

6) In 6 years time, I could be teaching Jasmine in a classroom with all her... not so little friends - crazy thought. Right now, she actually can't wait until I am her teacher - we'll see how long that lasts!

7) I love and respect both of my sisters crazy amounts! They are truly incredible moms and great wives, and they are both skinny - damn them! You are an awesome and inspiring part of my life, but I am sure everyone already knows that!


Anonymous said...

2) repeated cunnilingus.

Pamela said...

Hey Laura,

Nice list. I think I was your neighbour one year in dorm, sadly I was not the sex addict. But now I am intrigued by who it could be. I guess I will have to phone you to find out.

1. It is better to wait and really decide on a tattoo design. Perhaps even design one yourself. You don't want to get one done that you sort of like, you will be stuck with it and removal is very painful I am told.

2. See above for comments on point 2

3. No comment, your drinking stamina has reduced, so I am not sure what a hit of the dream tobaccy with do to you!

4. Nice Laura - it is wonderful you get some validation!

5. Wiggles concert - I went to that with you! I will have to check my photos of that for your expression :)

6. I too find that kind of weird. I had a high school teacher that was friends with my parents, it made some social situations awkward - he did mention my invisible international love slave at my wedding though!

7. Props to the Shadbolt girls!