Sunday, May 10, 2009

To my Mom on Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

I can't honestly think of where to start! You know I have a terrible long term memory, heck, even my short term memory is not great. I don't remember most of what you did for me as a child, but now as a parent myself, I can fully appreciate all that you must of done. I may not remember everything, but here is what I do know:

I started my life on a lucky day (Friday 13th in fact) and was blessed to be born to a mom with tremendous strength, who also happened to have great doctors and made sure that both her and I survived a very scary situation (for those of you reading, I was born with shoulder dystocia).

My mom always took great care of me when I was sick, from when I had a fever as a child and had to be rushed to the hospital, to lasering my ankle when I broke it, to leaving work to take care of me when I had mono at University, to rubbing Sunbreeze on my back when it aches and of course coming to take care of us after my c-section. She certainly shows her love in how well she takes care of you. I always want my mommy when I am sick and lucky her, she is the first person I still call to whine when I am sick!

My mom is full of great skill. Not only does she have this incredible brain that remembers almost everything from one read, but over the years she has developed many useful skills. As a child she sewed us numerous outfits including some lovely one piece jumpsuits (my grade 7 photo shows proof of that) and I recall a picture of all 3 of us kids wearing culottes that mom had sewn as well. Nowadays she keeps herself busy sewing jammies and matching fleece jackets for the grandkids, and best of all... curtains. If the curtain in my house is stylish - then she made it! Sewing is only one of her many talents, another talent I wished I had inherited was jarring, whether it be pickles, pickled beans or crab apple jelly, she makes the best canned goods. There were some things she wasn't necessarily skilled at, but that didn't stop her from trying. For example mom helped coach my ball team one summer. Or how about the fact that she tried water skiing to encourage me to try (she ended up with a massive bruise on her leg for her efforts and of course at the time I was clueless of her intentions, but years later when I heard the story, I couldn't help but feel touched).

After all these years and my mom taking great care of me (and my sisters, and our husbands and our kids and even in my sisters' case their dog or cat), I think what I like most about my mom is simply that when I need her I can count on her to be there. She always listens, doesn't hesitate to give her opinion, in fact she will just interrupt and blurt it out, no issues with the truth this one! (And yes, I did inherit that!). I can call her up day or night, send an email, a video, an MSN chat and I know she will get back to me and quick! She'll send me photos to show me what I am missing out on and feel part of the family and sends care packages (chiropractic balloons and Advil samples) to let us know she is thinking of us.

What makes me happy when I think of my mom, is that I know she is happy. Her and my dad have built a wonderful life for themselves and it is very encouraging. I hope when I am their age, that I have it all just like they do. They enjoy their work, don't work toooo hard, have lots of time for family and friends (and have lots of good friends), travel and go on adventures together and well, they just share their happiness with everyone they meet.

So mom, even though I am not there on Mother's Day to give you a big hug and kiss in person, and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do, know that I wish I could be there. I have bought a few little gifts for you, but am waiting for 1 little item I ordered (well... and I am reading the book I am sending for dad for Father's Day before I send it, ha, ha!)

For now, enjoy a trip down memory lane with a few pictures.

Love you mom,


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mom said...

That's why Friday the 13th is my lucky day!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day too super mom!