Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salad of the Week

Pizza Salad! My husband's suggestion. Next time I will ask for instructions, because the first thing he said when he got home was, "maybe next time we could try cooking the pepperoni?" I guess another pizza salad night is in our future, anyhow... this one was quite good. Romaine lettuce base, mushrooms, tomato, orange pepper, ham, turkey pepperoni and pancetta pieces with grated mozza sprinkled on top.


mom said...

I made the spinach pasta salad from that book Laura and it was incredible! I just put the pine nuts and olives on at the end, does give you garlic farts but it was worth it! I just grilled my chicken on our little George Foreman grill, love it for that , only takes about 7 minutes. It is definetily a "KEEPER" recipe
Tonight we had cottage cheese, celery, yellow pepper,avocado, mushrooms, mango and blackberries on a bed of lettuce and spinach, topped with sliced almonds. Used Russian dressing. It was yummy too. Had a couple of Vinta crackers with it.

Anonymous said...

Did you use dressing for the pizza salad?

Laura said...

I used ranch, but had thought I could put salsa on it, as that is what we use as a base when we make mini pizzas on pitas. Who are you anonymous? So mysterious ;)