Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We've got the luck of the Irish...

...well all of us, but Jay! For St. Patrick's Day Jasmine was wearing a pin that said, "Kiss me I'm Irish!" She wanted her dad to wear it, but we said he couldn't because he wasn't Irish. She had trouble understanding how the rest of us could be Irish, but not her dad, after all he is her blood?!

Jasmine woke up about 12:30 a.m. on St. Patrick's literally feeling "Green" and proceeded to throw up a few minutes later! So our big plans of green eggs and green pancakes went out the window, but our spirit was still great! After supper we got dressed up and went around to visit all our favorite neighbours on the street - Jay and I were dressed up too, but we forgot to take a picture of that!

My sister apparently has the luck of the Irish, too! Congratulations Deanna on the purchase of your new dream house! Great house, great view (of the mountains), great price - what a sweet deal! It sounds pretty exciting to me and I will allow myself to be "green" with envy for a few more days!

It also seems that my niece and nephew have the Irish luck, as they are both playing in playoffs for hockey and ringette! Go Tyson, Go Allison, Get your Game on!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

(And yes, I know, really we don't look Irish, we just look like Rider fans - go green!)

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