Monday, March 9, 2009

Salad of the Week

This weeks salad was inspired by my friend Wendy (our old caregiver... sorry Wendy, I'll rephrase ... our past caregiver). When we went to their house during Christmas for what she referred to as spaghetti supper, we had the BEST meal of our entire holiday. We started the night off with cantaloupe wrapped in proscuitto to give you an idea of how the meal went.

The base of this salad is from a bag of mixed greens I bought at Farmboy. I threw in chopped celery and red onion as well. Then we have chunks of cantaloupe, blueberries and strips of proscuitto. It's topped off with a slice of herbed goat cheese and toasted pecans. For salad dressing I used the Mango Poppyseed dressing from Farmboy. On the side we had fresh multigrain ciabatta bread.
To add motivation for the kids to eat their salads, I made theirs into shapes. Devin's was a cat with celery whiskers and a proscuitto tonuge, while Jasmine had a person with proscuitto eyebrows and pecan ears. Devin still did not touch his lettuce, but always eats his fruit and bread (and he likes celery - go figure?) Jasmine for some reason did not enjoy hers, but I honestly think the time change made her not as hungry. Jasmine had to strike a pose with hers.After careful analysis, we decided we would have cut the proscuitto up smaller, as it was a little long and I would have added more red onion than I did - otherwise a very nice salad! The goat cheese was a great addition and proscuitto was a nice treat!

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Jay said...

I can attest to the success of last night's salad. One of our main concerns as we ate that the salad wouldn't be filling enough because of all the vegetables, but that was not the case! If you can keep this up, I'm going to be looking forward to salad Mondays.