Sunday, March 8, 2009

A "beautiful" walk!

The weather is gorgeous and we want to be outside and surprisingly, we are all healthy enough to do it. So, yesterday we decided to go for a long walk and go to Dairy Queen for supper - yes, no vegetables in that meal... anyhow, it takes us about 40 minutes each way to walk there with the kids and what a great walk it was. On our way we discovered that all this melting is revealing an awful lot of trash. It was quite disgusting actually. Jasmine got it in her head that we should pick it up! We thought this was a great idea, but only one you could do when prepared - like when you had a garbage bag and gloves! So today, we went for another walk, very short this time. We went a few houses up from our house on both sides of the street and in both directions of our house - we picked up all the trash on the way and had 1 1/2 grocery bags full from not even a block of our neighbourhood - wow! It was gross, but we felt really good about helping the environment and our neighbours. Just 2 doors down we found beer bottles hidden under someone's front tree :p

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