Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just dick n' around!

...or should I say, deck n' around! I'd like to say all our thoughts are focused on building our new deck, but unfortunately we have a lot of things to think about right now. I, for example have my teacher evaluation tomorrow. We are evaluated once every five years and mine is tomorrow. Should I even tell you that tomorrow is wacky hair day at school, come on! I'm sure that won't be at all distracting to my lesson plan... oh, well, that doesn't bother me as much as the brutal menstrual cramps I have right now - well, it's true - they suck! I'm done having babies, can't they just go away now? I'm glad my evaluation will be over with tomorrow, smooth sailing for another 5 years, assuming I pass! It's pass/fail, so I'm not really worried, but of course it is nice to get a good review! Jasmine also gets her report card tomorrow, which I am very excited about. I already told her we could go out for supper IF it was good. She said, "I know it will be good - I only got 1 time out all year!" Then there is our training for the upcoming Capital Day Race in Ottawa. I registered for the 5 km and Jay registered for the 10 km. I am training 3 times a week and Jay is training 5 or 6 days a week - it feels good, well no, actually it hurts - Jay keeps icing his knees and I keep icing my ankles, but overall it feels good to know we are doing something good for our health. I just took this picture of Jay and I keep chuckling because every few minutes he says out loud to himself, "OKAY LET'S DO THIS!" He's so cute :) And besides all of that, Jay is increasing his hours at work. We are trying to arrange our schedule so he can go in to work early 3 mornings a week and then on the alternate days stay a bit later. This should add 5-8 extra hours a week depending on the week and how late he stays.

On to the deck... Oh, no I'm laughing, Jay just said, "let's kick this thing's ass!" God, he is funny, I think he is trying to do 8 km tonight! Oh yeah, I was talking about the deck... well, we do have a dream picture - seen here!

Ultimately we would like something similar to this. We have patio doors in the same spot they do and our kitchen window is in the same spot, behind the bench with the pillow and then on the far left hand side is where our dining room is supposed to be (currently our office/playroom). We'd like to walk out the patio and go down 2, maybe even 3 steps onto a wooden deck (composite?) We'd like to have the barbecue on this deck and have a similar trellis to slightly block the air conditioner from view and our neighbours on that side are also higher up than us, so can see onto our deck. We'd like to have a built in bench at the far end of that deck with shrubs on the ground (can't see that part of the picture though). Then we would have another step or 2 down to the ground where we would have a stone patio (our problem is our lawn is sloped, so likely it is level on one end and then it would have a small stone step down into the rest of the yard? Then we would have another wood deck where they have their second one also, in front of the dining room. Here is where I consider putting a hot tub and eventually another set of patio doors there? Jay, however has decided against a hot tub for right now (dad, does this mean no pirate ship? - we'll have to ask Jasmine for those deck plans?) We will do similar to the picture and have built in benches on that deck too, or so goes the plan it my head! Things I am not sure about...

1) The slope and all that will mean

2) If the built in benches count as deck height and then we would need an additional railing (if it's too tall?

3) If we will indeed ever put in a second set of patio doors (long term plan)

4) Do we want wood or composite decks (I'm still thinking of stone stairs even?) I'm going to get a picture of some from my good friend Sandi, right Sandi? There yard is looking sharp!

5) Will we ever get a hot tub?

6) Will there be enough space for the kids to play?

7) Can this even be built by us on our own with help from our loving parents in one summer?

8) Can we afford it?

I wish, all I was thinking about was my deck, as it needs a lot more time to be thought about, but it will at least have to wait until after tomorrow!

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