Saturday, March 7, 2009


Okay, tomorrow my plan is to go and get groceries... I know, how exciting! Anyhow, the goal is to make my first salad to have for supper. Like we have never had salad for supper, duh! This needs explaining. As part of my goal to eat more vegetables, I decided to make a nice salad once a week. Being inspired by project 365 (take a picture everyday for a year) I thought I would start slow, but try to take more pictures. I'm waiting for those of you who know me to stop laughing, because I already take a lot of pictures, but all the pictures are of my family and us doing things - special moments! I want to learn to use my camera better and I am going to try and see snapshots in different things around us. To start I am going to research salads, healthy veggies and fruits and then take a picture of each one, list it on the blog with the ingredients for you to try, too! Essentially, I will be running a Salad of the Week section in my blog and you can look for my first one in the next couple of days!

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