Friday, August 28, 2009

Soccer season!

This year we registered Devin in U4 (under 4) soccer and Jasmine in U6. Jay acted as the convenor of U4 for all of Kanata and had to find and organize coaches for 8 teams, with over 200 kids in total. For all his hard work, they gave him the white polo he is wearing below. He didn't mind this job, except that Kanata soccer is extremely unorganized and relies heavily on email chains. By the time it actually filtered down to the parents, often the information was too late. We did find this terribly frustrating, but overall it was a good experience and chances are he will do it again next year for the U5's.

I was one of the coaches for Jasmine's U6 team. In the end there were 5 of us running the team of 30 kids, but 3 of us that had the main responsibilies. I was in charge of the snack roster, giving out team photos and am still handing out the medals to those who couldn't make it to the last day. We were given a curriculum and each week I had a station to run. 3 groups of kids would take turns at my station over the course of 30 minutes, then we would end with a scrimmage and snack.
U4 is played with a grown up on the field with you all the time. There is a hired coach at this level and they run the little & big person through a series of drills and games. Devin wasn't much for some of the basic drills, like toe taps and "boring" things, but he did have his favorite games. One of which was constructors and destroyers, destroyers knocked pylons down while the constructors had to run around and pick them back up. Devin's practice overlapped with Jasmine's, so honestly I only ever saw about 10 minutes of it and then Jasmine and I were off to her field which was just across from Devin's. Below you will see Devin doing some of the drills with his "big person", daddy. In one he is trying to grab the ball out of daddy's hands from above and then playing tug-o-war with the ball.

Jasmine was #16, her favorite number is 6 right now so she really wanted a 6 in her number. Below you can see her in action during the last day scrimmage. This was a fun day, so parents and siblings are on the field, too! I didn't get any pictures of the water guns or water balloons, as I was pretty much under attack the whole time, but it was a fun last day!

Above Jasmine received her medal from Coach Paul and I happily took pictures. Below you will see a swarm for the final snack which were Tim-bits from our sponsor. The last 2 photos are the kids holding up their medals. Both very excited to have one and happy to have soccer season done - they were both ready for a break!

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