Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun with the cousins!

Here they are, 4 of 6 Shadbolt cousins: Allison, Jasmine, Devin and Tyson (Missing Samantha and Hayden). For not seeing each other very often, like once a year if that, these kids get along great! Jasmine and Allison drew pictures, wrote fairy letters, read stories, played Polly Pockets and generally had a fun girly time. Tyson was so good with Devin, a much larger age gap, but they played airplanes, read stories, played with superheroes and made up superhero stories, too! I can't get over how much Tyson and Devin look a like, both have that short buzz cut but also the long rectangular shaped heads, same pale, white skin and big, beautiful, blue eyes.

Allison and Jasmine were practically attached at the hip. Always wanting to hold hands everywhere we went, which made walking down the streets and busy tourist attractions sometimes difficult. It also made it easy to spot them in a crowd, because you only had to find one of them. Jasmine picked up a lot of "coolisms" from her older cousin and came home talking like more of a big girl. I won't be surprised when these two figure out they can phone each other and chat - they will be on the telephone every week.

When we got home Jasmine was sad because she realized she didn't get to spend as much time as she would like with Tyson. Sure they did lots of things altogether, but they didn't really have any alone time and I think the next holiday we spend with the Bennett family, she will want to be sure she gets in on some of the superhero action, too!

These two boys, both December babies, will have a lot in common as they grow up. Beyond their looks even their personalities are similar. Both showed great bravery on this trip, trying out many new rides they may usually not have been up for and both generally get along with their sisters, although neither would likely ever admit it! Both really nice boys in my opinion!

My kids had such great fun on this trip and not because it was Chicago and not because we did so many cool attractions, but because they got to hang out with their older cousins, who they adore! Jasmine's favorite part, ranked #1 and the first thing out of her mouth everytime we ask is playing with Tyson and Allison. When we ask her to pick something specific, then she says the waterslides.

As for Jay and I, we love these kids! Sure because we have to, I mean they are our neice and nephew afterall, BUT... these are really good kids! No temper tantrums, no grumping, no backtalk, no "I'm too cool to hang out with a 3 year old", just good listening, good behaving and nice personalities. Fun to talk to, fun to play with, just all around good, well rounded kids - you did a good job Les and Trevor! Our only wish... that we could see them more often! Love you Tyson and Allison - keep being the great kids you are and don't forget when you turn 12, we will fly you out to Ottawa for a visit (if your mom let's us).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the blogs of the trip - great memories! Kids will talk about it for a very long time. I was very impressed with Devin and Jasmine on the trip. They showed great interest and excitement at all the museums. I never heard them complain they were tired or hungry or hot or cold or anything else. They were awesome troopers. Tyson and Allison enjoyed the trip 1000 times more because they got to enjoy it with their cousins and Auntie and Uncle - PRICELESS!
As for kids flying to Ottawa on their own........I have three years to think about that one yet! Love Leslie