Monday, August 17, 2009

Beating the heat - day 2!

Well, technically it is more like day 5 of intense heat, but we spent the first 3 days primarily hiding out in the air conditioning, not too exciting! Today we made our first visit to Constance Bay Beach, about a half hour drive out of town. We met up with some old friends; I first met Lianne (who actually spells her name just like my mom - wow!) and her two daughters: Lauren and Leah, when Jasmine was just a baby. We met at the Abbeyhill weigh in clinic. A number of mommies formed a "mommy group" and we met once a week with our babies to chat all things baby. Lianne was our role model as she was the only one who had already had a child, the rest of the group were all first timers. Lauren and Leah attend the same school as us and Leah and Jasmine are in the same grade, even though they have never been in the same class.

I know my kids love the beach from past years, but what I wasn't sure is how wet they would get. Jasmine has been a little fish at the pool, but I wasn't sure she would like having her face in the water at the beach - it didn't seem to be a problem. She borrowed some of her friend's goggles and went to town. I did not expect Devin to really get more than his feet wet, maybe his bum if he sat in the water, but you can see in the photos that he went out quite far and with hardly any encouragement - I was impressed! By the end he was in the shallow end floating around on his tummy. He loved digging large rocks out of the water and throwing them, while Jasmine made a collection of mussel shells.

As for the beach itself, it was nice shallow water which I loved - they could go out far and you didn't have to be too worried. The water was also warm, which made it nice to swim in for quite a length of time, it was however quite rocky. The sand on the beach was so hot, like burn your feet off HOT and it too was not very soft. The view would be really beautiful, except today it was a little too smoggy to see the hills and trees on the other side. The port-a-potties were nasty, definately needed emptying! Jasmine refused to go in there and of course Devin had to go poo and there was no toilet paper (I got desperate and used a receipt from the car, but he doesn't know that). All that said, we had a really nice picnic lunch with friends and the kids want to go back to the beach when daddy doesn't have to work.

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