Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Six Flags - Great America - It's Playtime!

Check it out - day #4 started out with a limo ride! You may ask where the fancy occasion was, but we were headed to Six Flags - Great America! Not real fancy, but as they tell you over and over, it is the cleanest theme park you will go to. Six Flags was over an hour drive from our condo, so we decided to save on cab fare by hiring a larger vehicle and sharing. The kids watched the entire Space Chimps movie on the way there, so I guess the ride was closer to an hour and a half. The limo was nice because then no one had to drive and the driver took us along the lake, so the view for the first little while was pretty! Being that 3 of us get motion sick quite easily, we did find that staring out the side of the window was not necessarily a smart move however! No one got sick, but it took us awhile to get rid of the groggies.

We had planned to start the day with the rides and cool ourselves off at the end with the water park, but as we arrived there were signs posted that notified us that Hurricane Harbor would reach capacity, so we decided to head there first. We were glad we made that decision as we L-O-V-E-D it! It was our favorite part of the whole trip. Devin had great fun on this little yellow slide, he must of went on it over 20 times, no lie! He played around in the splash park as well, but that was about his limit.

Below is a picture of Skull Island, the water structure for kids. I know, crazy isn't it? Jasmine couldn't get enough and did both the green and turquoise slides numerous times. The craziest part was these big buckets filled with water and eventually tipped over and dumped out all over whoever happened to be below. It was a lot of cold water that would surprise you every now and again, Devin did NOT like that part, but we learned where to walk to avoid getting hit. Auntie Leslie and Ali got hit once and I'm not sure they loved that suprise, auntie got totally drenched! (We aren't actually in the below picture, I took it once I was dry)

Below is Castaway Creek, which Devin and I did together. I have to say that was my favorite part, he just snuggled on top of me and we floated down the river. Such a nice way to end a fun morning! He didn't like it much when I tried to get us out of the tube though and dumped us completely underwater - had to save the poor kid from drowning, but he recovered nicely! (Again, we aren't in the picture, but it gives you the idea)

Jay did a great job of seeking out lunch this day, Six Flags does not allow you to bring in your own food so you don't have many options... oh, shucks, we just had to have a whole bucket of fries and chicken fingers. We were all sooooo hungry, it went down soooooo good and was the perfect end to our waterpark morning. Next up, the actual park, wow, we might be here all night! We started at Wiggle World, seemed perfect for our kids.

Devin did the Big Red Car ride with me and Jasmine went off to do the Big Red Plane ride with daddy. Both loved their rides, the lines were short and I didn't get motion sick, so it made it even nicer!

Next up was Camp Cartoon with Hanna Barbera cartoons, including Yogi Bear and Scooby Doo. I knew Jasmine was brave and it didn't surprise me that she was willing to do all the rides we let her and of course she would have done more, but I was slightly nervous she might end up with a tummy ache so we opted out of the bigger rides. It made it easier to do things with Devin, too so it wasn't so bad, but back to my point... Devin is, well, he's kind of a woosy sometimes, so I was totally impressed with all the rides he did, especially the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine - I wouldn't even do that - just can't do things that go round that fast!

Onto Bugs Bunny National Park, this one looked very good, but many of the attractions were under construction. It made for very short lines on the 2 rides that were open, so that was great. Here we met up with the Bennett Gang again and then we all went for the train ride around the park.

Before we left we hit the souvenir shop and tried on hats - loved the tweety ones, but not enough to buy them. Six Flags has The Justice League as some of their characters, so we each purchased a superhero shirt or pj's as we all LOVE the Justice League (with Jay as their dad, they have no choice) The double decker carousel was right by the door and Trevor had also suggested the Sky Trek ride. The Sky Trek was a great view, wish we had done that first so we could have seen where everything was before we got started, oh, well!

The above two shots are thy Sky Trek. Looks so high and scary, but it was a very slow ride and super view - glad we did that one! The below two shots are just some of the view you got of the park from up above. Six Flags has A LOT of roller coasters - it was insane! We had done all we wanted to and it was already close to 7:00. We hadn't even eat supper, but between the bucket o' chicken and other amusement park treats, we were pretty full! We called our cab to head home. Leslie and her gang stuck it out until 9:30 or so and saw part of the finale show, but got a little nervous about the potential traffic jam and headed back to the condo then!

At the end of a very long day, this was our last picture! Pretty sweet!

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