Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot fun in the summer sun!

Today was a HOT one, still is - 39 degrees with the humidity right now - PHEW! Ottawa has put out a heat advisory for the last few days up until Tuesday. Hot and smoggy! So far we have beat the heat mostly by hiding in our basement, but we'd had enough of that over the last few days, so today we tried something new with the help of Jay's gaming buddy Diggin' Dale Matthie.

Grampa Shadbolt, correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think Devin has ever been in a motor boat of any sort? I know Jasmine had been in our family boat, The Baby Beezer for a quick ride, but I think Devin is limited to ferry rides, paddle boat and maybe canoe/kayak. Devin has never been real comfortable on the water and today wasn't much of a change, but he did go for a ride. He gripped his daddy's hands through the whole ride and did not like to go fast and thought it was noisy, but we can say he went for his first real motor boat ride. Yeah, Devin! (The boat could only have 1 adult at a time besides the driver, so I wasn't in the boat to witness this or take a picture - shucks!) When it was my turn for a ride, Jay stayed on shore with Devin and Jasmine wanted to see that boat go a little faster. She had to hold onto her hat, until we decided we should just let the wind blow through our hair. (or more like blow in our eyes, ha!) Then Jasmine decided she was ready for her first try at the tube!

You can tell the day was a good one because both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home, a rarity these days! In fact, Devin is supposed to be at soccer in 5 minutes, but between the fun and the early morning from his sleepover with his "girlfriend" Rilla, he is tuckered right out. Plus, did I mention it is 39 degrees - not my favorite weather conditions for running around and playing soccer for an hour. Jasmine and I are supposed to be on the field in half an hour, not sure she will make it either, as Rilla's sister Bronwyn was in Jasmine's room last night and they were up around 6:00 a.m., but I'll have to go regardless as I am one of the coaches.

Dale, thanks for taking time out of your busy pickling schedule to take us out on the water. Even though Jay and I are not water babies like my dad and his family, I would sure like to give my kids the opportunity to be out on the water. Jasmine is quickly becoming a little fish in her swimming lessons, so you never know maybe it just skips a generation? Thanks again for a great afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure Laura! Great pics! The look on Jasmine's face says it all! I'm glad they had a great time!