Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Young love!

Oh, to be young again, well that isn't really the case here, sorry Cynthia and Nick, but nonetheless it is inspiring! Here is the story:

About 3 months ago I introduced Cynthia to my former colleague and neighbour, Nick. Both Nick and Cynthia have recently gone through divorce. I just couldn't get over how much they seemed to have in common and I started telling Cynthia maybe she should meet Nick. You know, just for coffee to talk about the divorce and have a friend with something in common. Well, wouldn't you know that the two of them would email back and forth for weeks and then finally meet and end up dating!
This week Cynthia has been sleeping over at our house, as she is homeless for a month while her new house is being built. So, Saturday night we had date night and Nick came over for a Sushi party! It was a lovely evening! Making sushi is the perfect date night because it gives you something to do, inspires its own conversation and of course the food is good! Even Jasmine and Devin participated in the night's events. Jasmine does eat sushi and Devin eats all the vegetables and rice that go into sushi, but not the sushi itself. AND, I'll clarify for all of you who are wondering... we didn't use any raw fish, we use shrimp, crab meat and this time experimented with canned tuna, not my favorite, but Jay loved it!

Afterwards we cleansed the pallate with a bowl of ice cream and berries, or in my kids case ice cream and sprinkles. For some reason berries just don't go on ice cream to them! We followed this with tea and good conversation.
After the kids went to bed the four of us played games including our favorite couple game, Telepaths. Telepaths is a fun game where you have to try and match words with what your partner says. Jay and I are old pros at this game, so it was difficult for the new lovebirds to keep up.

The following night, we had soccer at 4:00 p.m. and Nick and Cynthia used our kitchen to make us supper. We returned at 6:30 to Dijon chicken with Devon Cream and Jasmine rice - too cute! Another great meal! Kids went off to bed and the lovebirds babysat for us while Jay and I went out for a walk and hot chocolate.

Watching these two started off as irresistibly cute, you couldn't help but joke and make light of it all, by the end it was getting pretty, well... sickening! Seriously, they've got it bad for each other and all I was hearing about was Nick :)

Hard to remember back to those times and feelings. Jay and I have been married for 11 years this month, well in a little over a week and we've been together for 15 years, so it is tough to remember what it was like back then. I started having flashbacks and it was... what's the word? I guess it was nice, sweet, fun, romantic, exciting! I can only be happy for both of my friends and hope they continue to enjoy each other's company. As for Jay and I, who admit we mostly take each other for granted at this stage in our life, well, we are blessed to have each other. We see eye to eye on almost everything and in day to day life get along easily. We have the same outlook on life and the same goals for our children. We discipline the same and have the same expectations for behaviour. We like similar movies, except the whole zombie thing *shudder*. We both have hobbies to keep us busy and we "allow" each other to both spend money on our hobbies, too. We both have a ... perverse sense of humor and well, we simply enjoy each other and I can only hope we will continue to love each other as much as we do now for, well... eternity!

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Pamela said...

Nice photo of you guys. I am trying to remember when you and Jay first met and I think that was during the summer I was working in Lumsden, so I should ask Kevin who was in Luther at the time. I am sure he has some stories to tell. I too an trying to remember how I was when Kevin and I first started going out. Well, I am sure that many people were sick of us mooning about (or moaning about depending who you talk to). :)

Thanks for the memories Laura. See you soon!