Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Theme Week - Day #1- Castle Day

This week we have our God daughter staying with us during the day as her daycare is closed for the week. So this week is THEME week and we started it all off with castle day. We would call it princess day, but Devin is here so we refer to it as castle day and then he can be a prince or a knight if he likes, although he usually chooses the lizard costume or a pair of high heels... go figure!
For lunch we had fairy wings, which were mini bagels spread with either peanut butter or cream cheese with sprinkles, cut in half and turned around to look like a pair of wings. They love it! And then we had chicken noodle soup and veggies as well, it's not like they were prisoners in the dungeon only getting a scrap of bread for their meal.

After lunch we played Cinderella which personally, I LOVE! If you have never tried this game with your little girls then it is a must. You pretend you are the evil stepmother and they are Cinderella or Devin's case he was Cinderfella, and then you boss them around and make them clean your house. Seriously, it works! Jasmine and Grace went up to her bedroom and cleaned it up and made the bed, then they folded the blankets from the front room and tidied up the shoes by the front door, soooo much fun for me to watch! Below is the picture I took when I told them to pretend they were the evil stepsisters! So funny!
Then the evil stepmother told them there was a contest that we had to win. The contest was to build the highest tower with Lego. They enjoyed this, but did need some help getting the tower to be taller than they were!

After nap time, which was basically 3 kids in 1 bed laughing and telling each other stories for 1 1/2 hours, I did the girls hair and make up for they royal ball. They danced around and played and another little squire by the name of Simon joined in on the fun until Grace had to go home. A great day at Quirk Castle!

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Anonymous said...

I will have to try the Cinderella game! Sounds like a great way to get some of the cleaning done! I also like the girls' faces when they were trying to look like the evil stepsisters. Too funny!

Their hair looks great!

Good job stepmom Laura, I don't think you are evil at all!