Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Theme Week - Day #2 - Adventure Day

Adventure day was basically a 3 1/2 hour... well adventure! We packed up the backpack with snacks and water, greased ourselves with sunscreen and bugspray and headed off. but we took the long playful version. We walked through the woods with our bug house and nets - we did manage to catch 2 ladybugs (one red and one silver) and a dandy long legs. Below Jasmine is trapping the silver ladybug and it eventually climbs onto her hand.As we walked through the woods they pretended to be scared and that monsters were chasing them. Grace was fond of shouting, "Run for your lives!". And then they would pretend to take a nap on a rock, I can't figure these kids out! They LOVE climbing on rocks, under trees, through trees, anything but the normal way to walk.
We stopped at a few different parks on our way through the adventure, but besides the wooded areas, I would say their next favorite was the open fields and they would just run and chase each other.

When the kids were "pooped out", as they would say we went to a convenient store and bought ourselves some lunch... Ice cream, Smarties and Cheetoes - yummy! Don't worry, Pam I did buy them so real food, too, but we did eat the ice cream first as it was melting!


Anonymous said...

Kevin likes the photos! I am happy that you all had great fun on your adventure. It is cool that the kids ran through the sprinkler nude at the end. That is just so nostalgic!

Grace certainly had a fun day, she loved the Nachos as she calls them and I think that was one of her highlights. What a cool aunt she has!

Thanks again Laura!


Anonymous said...

That's great, Laura! Very creative. I should be following you for ideas. Looks like a blast!