Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Theme Week - Day #3 - P.J. Day

P.J. Day was selected for today because the weather forecast had predicted chance of thunder showers all day. Well, we did get a mini storm for about half an hour, but that was it all day! It actually didn't look to bad out this morning, but we wouldn't know as we never left the house.

The kids love Pyjamma Day, I'm not sure why, because, well we don't really do anything. I love pyjamma day, because I don't have to do anything! They played for a little while and then watched Grace's movie pick, A bug's Life. For our morning snack the kids prepared a teddy bear picnic and brought down stuffed animals of their choosing, along with pillows and blankets. After snack, we had reading time and they all read books in the pillow filled area.
For lunch, we had to have more breakfast so we enjoyed pancakes and for dessert more pancakes except with chocolate chips, too! After lunch, the kids free played for a long time and then we did a craft. The girls had fun making their own little families with a stamp set and then we spelled their names with a font set! While we were in the basement the power did flicker out and we were in the pitch black for about 5 or 6 seconds. (I went up to get the flashlights in case it went out again, as that was a little frightening down there - totally dark!)
We were ready for some exercise by then, so we did some dancing even though we couldn't find our Barenaked Ladies CD to find the Popcorn song, which would have been fitting for our last movie and popcorn snack!

Grace is peeking out from behind the couch because she thought there was going to be a scary part, but it ended up being funny - we were watching Monsters Inc. this time - Devin's pick!


Anonymous said...

What a treat!

Breakfast all day - awesome!

I am not surprised Grace was hiding behind the couch, she is becoming more sensitive. I guess we will just have to cuddle with her during those parts!

Thanks Laura. What a nice day. Hopefully tomorrow, the pool will be quite refreshing!


mom and dad said...

Everyone on the planet wishes they had a friend/daughter/sister/wife/daughter-in-law/teacher like you Loa! You rock! We must have done something right!!! Love mom