Saturday, July 11, 2009

Salad of the Week

Havarti Fish Salad

This one came to me through a Cheese Magazine I received in the mail. Obviously the purpose of this magazine is to sell more of their product, cheese! I did love the cheese and I loved the salmon, but the dressing was ... eek, terribly tangy, ludricously lime, sickeningly sour.

The dressing was basically olive oil, lime and cayenne pepper. As a baste on the salmon, very nice, but as a dressing on lettuce, cucumber and tomato - woah, toooooo limey!

We used a base of small noodles in the shape of rings, kids loved the rings! Added the veggies mentioned above with the dressing, then topped the salad with the grilled salmon and havarti cheese.

Next time, I would simply make the salad, use the dressing on the fish and then use a balsamic dressing or something on the salad part.

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