Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theme Week - Day #4 - Beach Day

You'd think my camera was broken or had no batteries, as I am pretty much always thinking to take a picture, but there just wasn't anything to take a picture of today. Well, there was the swimming pool, but it was tricky enough to ensure 3 children didn't drown without the camera.

The kids ran around in shorts and bathing suits all morning and played everything from cats and dogs to superheroes to Jesus and God, yep you heard right - our house was heaven in fact! Nice!

For snack we made some chocolate chip cookies (which we were supposed to make yesterday for PJ day, but the dough didn't thaw in time - what can you do?) and we made fruit smoothies and ate frozen mango.

We headed for a play outside, I picked weeds and they played tag and threw rocks on my deck (and then had to spend about 15 minutes picking rocks off my deck). Somehow they ended up running through the sprinkler naked again, they really liked that! Actually what they like best is sticking their butt right on top of the sprinkler - guess they are getting a good cleaning or an enima of sorts.

After lunch we headed to the local poop, I mean pool! They did have a pool "fouling" as they called it and so the large poop, I mean large pool was closed! This meant the kiddie pool was packed and it didn't help that there were 3 camps worth of kids in there - crazy! Jasmine is swimming like a fish. She spends more time under the water then above now or I'd say at least half the time. Both Devin and Grace tried to drown themselves once, well slipped underwater unintentionally and they did not like that one little bit!

We came home to ... NAP! All 3 kids crashed within 10 minutes and they all slept for 2 hours. So I read, ahhh! I started re-reading the Twilight series and New Moon is calling my name, but I am scared to start it before we go on holidays as I may not put it down. I also started re-reading the Harry Potter series. I have never re-read a book in my life and I have to say so far I am enjoying both! Who knew!

Last theme day tomorrow and then holidays begin! Can't wait to see my husband again - he's so busy with work right now that he plays with the kids when he comes home, we chat at supper and once the kids are in bed, he works again! It's getting a little tedious and we are all ready for a break from that! Bring it on!

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Pamela said...

I guess your sprinkler is like a bidea? I am not sure if I spelt that corretly, but then maybe I need a good spritz up the butt every now and again too?

Kevin is trying to organize our piles of stuff before you come. I am trying to get some cards done before my show is on and the emails at the same time. I hear you on never having time to see the husband.
Soon you will be with him on vacation though and this week will be but a memory!

Pool fouling, in all my life as a child going to the pool in Kelvington, I think I only had one time where someone pooped in the pool. There may have been more times, but I was blissfully unaware. I wonder who was the pooper scooper :)

Thanks for the day. See you tomorrow.