Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good things growwwww in Ontario!

For those of you who don't live here, it's a song that gets stuck in your head, but the song is true and this weekend we proved it!

Our first outing was to Oven's Berry Farm with our friends the Dixons. We made a special trip to this farm because they grow Saskatoon berries (did you know other provinces and states call them service berries or SHAD berries - I thought that was cool because my maiden name is Shadbolt, anyhow...) As you will see from the pictures, Devin REALLY likes Saskatoon berries! Saskatoon berries are a huge item in Saskatchewan, in fact they flew in Saskatoon pies from Saskatchewan for the Univeristy of Regina reunion when the Saskatchewan Roughriders played the Ottawa Renegades a number of years ago. We went to the game, just for the pie ;) While we were at the farm, we also picked raspberries as they were practically falling off the bushes. Today we made a honkin' fruit salad, as well as Saskatoon muffins and for breakfast Saskatoon pancakes with fresh raspberries on top. We froze the rest for now and will make some crumbles and pies when we have an excuse to entertain!

Today's adventure led us to Thistle Springs Trout Farm upon suggestion of our friends, Bronwyn and Rilla. I can't remember how many fish they caught, but I don't think we came close with our two. It worked out well though because I caught the first fish and Jasmine was helping me and Jay caught the second fish and Devin was helping him. So, both kids got to have a chance. It was a good experience, but it does test a little kids patience. Jasmine said the best part was feeding the fish in the tanks at the beginning and Devin said his favorite part was the fishing rod and catching the fish. The kids didn't love the process of getting the hook out of the fishes mouth, but they still didn't have a problem eating the trout for supper!

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Pamela said...

Hey Laura,
It looks like Jay had some injury from the fish as he was removing the hook - darn ninja fish!

Glad you had fun, but I can see that it would be tough for toddlers. I still remember my mother taking my brother fishing and he caught himself. They had to go to the hospital to remove the hook! ah memories.