Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick Kids :(

I won't always be giving daily posts, but I'm still experimenting with this. Today I stayed home with Jasmine. She is still fighting off a fever, but it is much milder today, although her cough and snotty nose are worse. Devin carried on with his normal day and went to nursery school and daycare, but he wasn't home for 5 minutes and his voice started to get all raspy. As I prepared supper, he came up to me and said, "mommy, I don't feel very well." Poor kids! Jay will have to stay home tomorrow, as I am taking the grade 5 & 6 boys to a volleyball game at another school - can't miss out on that!

We just finished off supper. Tonight we had stuffed peppers and leftover pork loins wrapped in bacon. All the times when I don't tell you what we ate you will know we had KD or scrambled eggs or something.

For those of you who don't know, our basement flooded last spring and we finally had the repairs done before Christmas. We have slowly been making a dent in reorganizing everything that had been stored all over the whole house. Jay moved all the things out of the garage last weekend, so now we are both parked in there again - yahoo! I organized all the kids craft stuff, puzzles and games on the weekend and today hauled down the other toys from the dining room - feels good! Just have to decide what and where to hang things on the wall and it will be as done as it gets for now.

Better take a good look now, because normally there are toys scattered all over this floor.

This last picture is of my scrapbook room, well that's what I call it. Jay calls it the game room, where he can use the big table to play board games or D & D. He thinks we should call it the money pit, because that room has a whole lot of money sunk into it between all our hobbies current and old.


Pamela Dixon said...

Hey Laura,
Nice views of the basement. You can come over to my house any time and help me clean up! I believe the Money Pit was referring to a house and had Tom Hanks and Shelley Long :) I am sure Kevin and I have our own pits of money - which will be in the basement too someday!

Nice blog - sounds like something I should do!


bamemories said...

Hey Laura,

glad to see you've hopped on the blog wagon. I'm sure I've sent you a link to mine. I've been blogging for close to 2 years now. Here's the link again. I use blogger as well.


Leslie said...

Basement looks so awesome!