Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our life with mice

For anyone who has ever woken up to scratching sounds in the middle of the night, you will know our pain. For me, more like fear! I am afraid of mice, who am I kidding, I am afraid of most anything on 4 legs (my best friend in high school tried to cure me of my fear by throwing her pet cats on my back - thanks Tammi - I'm now scared for life!) Luckily for us there was NO evidence of mice IN side the house, only hearing them in the night. They like our attic in the wintertime. Last winter the same thing happened and Jay, my dad, and even our house painter all tried to see where they might be entering from, but they didn't find any holes anywhere. Our friend Aaron gave Jay some tips for setting a good trap and it seems to have worked... something about moving out the insulation so it is right on the ground... I don't know... I sure as hell didn't set them. Anyhow the trapping worked great, except that when it trapped the mouse it only seemed to catch their leg. Then we would wake up in the night to a poor little mousie dragging itself across our attic with a trap on it's leg. Jay would have to get all geared up, mask, gloves, headlamp at 2 in the morning and go put the little suckers out of their misery! 3 cheers for my brave husband! This exact same process happened 3 times - poor Jay!

Another mouse in our lives right now is Despereaux, from The Tale of Despereaux that is! I still haven't seen the movie and unfortunately did hear it was pretty bad, but the book on the other hand is great! My grade 5 class and I read it together and it's a beauty of a book! We are currently trying to make connections from that book to 6 smaller books that we are reading in groups in class. The big assignment however has been to compare and contrast Despereaux with Remy the Rat from Ratatouille. This has been a very tough assignment for my class and wow, they are doing awesome with it! Amazing what they can do with a little push in the right direction!

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Ahhh..come on--I didn't scar you that much!