Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our First Post

Hello everyone!

Well this is our very first post. I'm not really too sure what to say to be honest, but here goes. As I sit here and type I can hear in the background Hulk Vs. Thor and my feverish little girl is watching it with her dad. Her dad has exposed her to extremely violent cartoons at a very young age, but she loves it, doesn't have bad dreams (about that anyway) and it is great bonding time for them. Devin absolutely loves the Hulk, so he is watching too!

Some nasty germs have been going around Ottawa, in fact our school (I say ours, because I teach there and Jasmine and Devin both go there - Devin for Nursery School) has an enteric breakout and they had a special SWAT team come in and clean the whole building. Hasn't done much good, still lots of kids sick, including my little girl with a seal-like bark and a fever of upto 104 degrees (thank goodness for Advil)

Yesterday we did ... NOTHING! Well, I did get groceries, but that was it, so today we had lots to do. I made the spiciest Butternut squash soup ever, too much curry paste. Jay and I are having it for supper with cilantro pesto and prawns. I also made a bulk pot of spaghetti sauce - should get us through a couple months of noodles. I blended up loads of veggies to go in there too, unlike most moms I don't actually have to do that, because I have been blessed with kids who actually love vegetables.

Here is a picture of the kids from last week. We had snow for 2 days straight and it was beautiful out. Then it got darn tooting cold for 3 or 4 days, -34ish, brrr... and finally now we have very mild weather and it's melting. The weather in Ottawa is unpredictable to say the least.

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