Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dr. Phil Says

Alright, I got the cold everyone has been fighting and so last night while Jay went off raiding with a hord of vikings to the land of Skarl (he went to play Dungeons and Dragons), I stayed home and watched TV. With all the PVR'ing we do, you think I would have had something to watch, but nothing I couldn't watch without Jay, so I ended up watching Dr. Phil's Valentine's Special. Dr. Phil says that 86% of all men want SEX on Valentine's day. As I previously said, I'm sick, so guess Jay is "screwed" on his big wish for today. I woke up this morning to my favorite dessert, chocolate log roll. This is a huge deal, because it takes a long time to make and is also very difficult to make. I ate my breakfast and proceeded to have some for dessert, it was great! Thanks Jay - you are sweet! Maybe we will do like many other occasions and have our Valentine's celebration on another date. For now, he will have to suffice with the box of Bailey's chocolates I got him! Hey mom, Jay did a pretty good job, didn't he?

As for the kids, they each got a movie they have been wanting and a mini-box of chocolates. Too bad for them, but the chocolate in the log roll has both coffee and rum, so no cake for them! Jasmine loves fairies, so we got her the TinkerBell movie and she ran downstairs to put her own TinkerBell costume on. Devin loves Ice Age, so we got him the second one, "The Meltdown". You can't see in the picture of Devin, but he has a hot chocolate mustache. Our water has been off all morning, due to a main pipe break in our community. Last night when I went to bed I noticed the pressure was low. Freaked me out, since we had just repaired our basement from flood damage. With all the scary shows we watch, I didn't really want to go to the basement to investigate on my own either, so while I was on the phone with Jay, the viking warlord, I went down to check it out. No water on the floor - thank God! After talking to my dad, I figured it had to be a community issue, so phoned our good friends, the Dixons and yep, they had low water pressure, too. This morning, we have no water. So we have a sink full of cake dishes, kids with dirty faces and you don't want to know the state of the toilet, especially with Devin the morning poop monster!


Anonymous said...

good job on the log roll Jay it has been ages since we've had one too, last one at your house I think. As to purchasing season 1 I guess I would pick Grey's or LOst, it was good at the beginning. Think you have enough other stuff to watch! Love mom Shad

Leslie said...

Not sure why I voted I don't watch any of those shows!
Awesome logroll Jay , I have never even made one. You rock!!! Leslie