Friday, February 13, 2009

More TV? Well, Yes!

As I said in my previous post, our MUST SEE TV shows include 24 and Heroes, but there are a few more shows that we PVR each week. Medium and Criminal Minds are two more that both Jay and I watch. Medium only started again last week and we were happy to have it restart. Allison Dubois is a psychic who works for the district attorney's office. She sees dead people and has dreams that lead her to solve crimes and "redrums", as she referred to them on her last episode. I like that her 3 daughters are showing signs of also being psychics and this often creates very interesting predicaments at school. My favorite character is their middle child, did you hear that Les, the middle child is my favorite - anyhow, Bridgette is quite the character. A few weeks ago she was compelled to draw naked pictures of her teacher. Eventually they realized that he had a mole that was growing in all of the pictures and encouraged him to be checked out at the doctors. I was so hoping, he was some kind of nudy pervert and that Bridgette was cracking into a big scandal, oh, well! The most annoying thing on this show is that Allison always believes everything she sees in her dreams, but every week things are not what they seem and unravel over a few dreams, but yet she never thinks to just wait and see what happens in a few days. And last, but not least, I love her husband Joe Dubois. Not only is he cute, but he has a cool job in aeronautics and wakes up with her every single night in his boxer shorts when she has bad dreams.

Criminal Minds is the other show we watch regularly and I'm not sure why? (According to Jay's comment, it's on his MUST SEE TV list, so I guess that is why I watch it) There are 2 characters I love, which are Reid and Garcia - sorry Jay, Hotchner is boring! Reid being the bookworm, no that just does not describe it, he knows everything, can quote anything, decipher anything and it's just plain cool and totally geeky! Garcia is the computer magician, she can find anything and hack anything within seconds. Her ongoing love chats with Shemar Moore (Morgan) are a nice break from the seriousness of the show. This show can be pretty brutal to watch, often kidnapped girls and freaky perps, makes me want to lock my door!

I also watch the Biggest Loser and haven't missed a season. I keep waiting for it to spark my dedication and willpower, but I will just have to keep watching and hoping. Parts of me wants get a physical trainer to keep me motivated, but honestly I think I am too scared and not quite ready for that commitment yet. Someday, hopefully I will be ready to lose the wait again, but for now I watch these huge individuals sweat it out on the treadmill and am inspired. I was so happy to see Joelle get booted off, finally - she was brutal to watch and so annoying to listen too. I try to think who I am most like and unfortunately, it isn't anyone exciting... I want to be like Tara, disciplined to the point of puking regularly, doesn't give up on anything, but yeah, that's just not me - too bad! I'm more like her pitiful partner and her name is even Laura. Okay, she isn't that pitiful, but she doesn't have the same drive and laughs things off, that is me! I also love that they have "Sami" from Days of Lives hosting the show, beats the pants of the last host.
Look at this picture, OMG, I wish! Truly amazing, isn't it? The trainers on this show are great, I'm sure I would want to pick Bob, but man Jillian is too much fun to watch - she is just cruel, seriously!

In the off season, I watch all sorts of other things when and if the time is available, Canadian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars. Jay watches, when he can World Combat League. I know nothing about this, except it does look better than UFC, because all they do is roll around on the ground, at least in this one they stand up! And as cheesy as Texas Walker was, I liked it and I like Chuck Norris too!


Leslie said...

I won't tell Trev your comment about UFC; GO GSP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

Oh yeah, not sure why I voted I don't think I have ever watched a full episode of any of those shows, except for maybe at mom & dads, but they always flip between 2 shows, so you miss have of what's going on.