Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to get more viewers?

I need more blog followers... better start talking about something more exciting... high fevers and what's for supper doesn't necessarily constitute as exciting reading.

Our week starts off with a BANG... A BIG BANG that is with Sheldon, Leonard, Koothrapali, Wolowitz, Penny and who could forget Leslie Winkle. I am of course referring to the show all my science geek friends love (yes, I am talking about you Heather and Sandi), The Big Bang Theory. I am not nearly as obsessed as my friends are, but I am frankly not as smart as them either, so half the things they think are hilarious, I didn't even realize were funny, but as my old friend Cam would say, "I digress". Please do not judge me for being an English teacher and having a million commas in one sentence, I just do and I don't care! I will also habitually put apostrophes where they don't belong and I love hyphens and ellipsis as well. Back to my show, I love that Penny got addicted to online gaming - too funny, especially considering Jay's personality. I love how Sheldon uses a template to fold his shirts and I especially love that Leslie and Leonard are more than friends, it brings back good memories from the old Roxanne days.

Of course our Big Bang follows with one of our favorite Canadians, which is Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. Our favorite character on the show however has to be Barney - whad' up! And not just because he brings back the Doogie Howser memory, but he is just AWEsome! The digs to Canadians on this show are hilarious, but we aren't all afraid of the dark... only me!

Although we PVR these shows each week and watch them adoringly, they are not our MUST SEE TV shows. These spots we save for Heroes and 24. In past seasons of 24, we rented them and watched them all in the span of a week or two. Having to wait a week between episodes is not nearly the same. Jay and I used to convice ourselves we would only watch one more episode and then go to bed, but we often ended up awake in the wee morning because of the awesome cliffhangers and of course...
the awesome Kiefer Sutherland - I do love him and his character Jack is so intense - gotta love it! I'd have to say that our favorite character on this show is Chloe, even though this season she has not played a major role, we hope to see more of her and they better not kill her off! I do wish they would bring back his daughter Kim though, I adore Elisha Cuthbert. Jay thinks they should hold her captive the way he does with other people's families and try to torture her (I think his vision is with her wearing hardly any clothing as well, ha!)

And then we have Heroes. Well, I love Heroes, but I can NOT keep track of which heroes have previously met each other and if it was in the passed or future. Sylar is what makes the show according to Jay and why even with bad writing this last season, he still likes the show. I however like Hiro and Ando (he must be working out because he is damn cute!) For some odd reason, I don't hate Parkman, like everyone else seems to. And then there is Suresh, he is cute too, but this season was horrible with him having powers, just not part of his character - sorry! The witchiest character on TV... Peter's mom - love to hate her - a truly complex character!

Time to wind down, but not done the TV critiques yet... stay tuned for more and post your theories on any of these shows or shows we should start PVRing!


Anonymous said...

Jay here. I consider How I Met your Mother as must see TV. Along with Criminal Minds- the mysteries in this case are great fun (lots of psychopathic characters to plop in future D&D campaigns) and I love ultra-smart characters like Spencer Reid. Hotchner is also fun to watch, especially if you watch someold Dharma and Greg episodes first.

Anonymous said...

24 is the only one here I watch unless repeat season, Criminal Minds always has such wackos, hate to think about that mom