Saturday, February 28, 2009


It always seems that people we know who have older kids are like chauffers, basically driving from one activity to the next. We always try to have our kids in one activity, except during summer when we travel, camp and do other things. Right now Jasmine is taking skating lessons on Wednesday nights and Devin is taking Sporty Kids on Sunday mornings. Jay goes to karate on Fridays at lunch, plays D & D every few weeks and attends the odd game board session on Tuesday nights. I go to a scrapbook club once a month and am usually the one with all the other social activities, like baby showers and TGIF's to go to. Anyhow, we are pretty busy already, so I can't imagine what life will be like when the kids have homework and sports and playing an instrument and ....?
For now, we enjoy the schedule that we have and feel blessed to have so many options. Jay attended the first 3 skating sessions with Jasmine and now she goes out on the ice on her own. When she falls she can get up on her own and she can get around fairly well. She doesn't like to fall, who does? Because of that she is too nervous to really glide, so is still shuffling her feet across the ice. She loves to tell people she can skate backwards, since she can also shuffle in the opposite direction - too funny!

Devin goes to Sporty Kids once a week this session and depending on the day, they play little kid games or have sports stations set up. He has got to play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, t-ball and lots of duck, duck goose! Sorry, no pictures as we have to participate with him!

I just registered both the kids for spring/summer soccer. It will be Devin's first year of soccer and Jasmine's second year. Jay will be participating with Devin and I will be an assistant coach for Jasmine's team. Mostly at this age they do drills for half of the time and then have a fruit snack and then a short scrimmage - no keeping score - just fun!


Loukia said...

Hello there, first time visiting your blog!

Quirkymom said...

Hi there, this is the first time I have had someone who I did not invite (family and friends) look at my blog or at least comment on it. You can tell I am just getting started. Today, I started searching other blogs in Ottawa, mostly other young moms. It is nice that so many of you have posted the blogs you like, it makes it easy to find others that pertain to my life. There must be some basic rules about blogging, some use names of family members, others use nicknames... is there a place to find out some basic safety info?