Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week #2 with the nutritionist

I had a pretty good week in some regards.  My goal had been to eat 2 green veggies a day and to eat more veggies in one sitting.  Often the diet was telling me to eat 2 cups of veggies and I was only eating a handful of raw carrots.  I figured this had something to do with why I was so hungry all the time.   Between the shrinking of my stomach from last week and the extra veggies this week, I was feeling better or at least not hungry.  Mid-week I started fighting off a cold, but interestingly enough it went away without me really even getting too sick at all... maybe it was all the green veggies?

So, what did I learn this week?  I'm allowed to email her questions, so here are some interesting tidbits I learned and hopefully will retain.

1) Eating eggs is a good thing and they have been given a bad rap.  However you need to eat them with a soft yolk.  Hard yolks have more cholesterol and less nutrients.  Don't ask me the science behind it, but that is what I learned.

2) Cook using liquids.  For example, again with eggs, I said what is the difference between fried and poached eggs if they both have a soft yolk, she said the cooking method does something to it, adds something that is bad for you.    She said cook chicken in water with herbs or a tomato sauce for example.  BBqing was also not her favorite method of cooking for this reason and she said do not eat blackened foods as they are known to be carcinogenic. 

3)  If I am going to eat something with little nutritional value, like Rice Krispies I should eat a fat with it, like Flax to help sustain me through until snack time.  She said the same with snacks like rice cakes,etc.

4) Don't drink cold water.  Cold water closes your blood vessels and makes it harder to absorb all the nutrients you are trying to feed it (or something like that).  She says weight loss books say the opposite because you burn more calories warming the water up in your body, but your body needs the nutrients, so to drink it warm.

My goals for this week are to drink warm lemon water every morning to kickstart my digestive system.  To track how much water I drink and aim for 8 glasses a day.  To take my calcium/magnesium before bed as it can be calming?  To continue eating my veggies and to add my exercise because I have been slack the last 2 weeks!

There you have it!  I did sneak back under 200 pounds this week, a number I hadn't seen since before summer holidays, so that felt good! 

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