Friday, September 24, 2010

Nutritionist update

So, week 1 is over and I've had my first 1 on 1 session with my nutritionist.  We didn't take any measurements, not even a weight.  She isn't so worried about that number, but wants to teach me to read labels and consider what I am putting in my body.  Yesterday's discussion included tidbits such as:

Always choose the whole grain option over whole wheat - read the label carefully! 

Eating no yogurt would be her preference over eating a higher sugar yogurt or an artificially sweetened yogurt.  I tried the plain yogurt, but seriously that was just not good!  I've been trying to decrease to lower fat versions, but she said it really is more the sugar I should be concentrating on.  I wondered if it was better to eat a yogurt every day to get your calcium and probiotics, even if it had sugar in it, but in her opinion, dairy was not the end all be all and she wasn't worried about me having it daily like my physician had suggested.  I do take a supplement of calcium (now calcium citrate and I have to say I like the taste of this liquid calcium, especially right after the fish oil I am now taking).  Her suggestion was if it said dairy on the menu, I could substitute that for a protein.  I'm not giving up yogurt by any means, but I maybe won't eat 2 a day (sometimes that happens).

She likes the 90:10 rule, be good 90 % of the time and the other 10% you could have fun - celebrate a birthday or eat a fun snack.   I thought this was a good rule and in the course of your week, if you eat 21 meals and 14 or so snacks, that is a couple times a week where you could have a treat and not feel guilty about it.  It is good to know you can treat yourself and not feel guilty about it. 

A good first session.  I also learned from her body composition analysis that my water levels are low, so more water and more veggies and fruits that naturally contain water. 

She also suggested, twice now, warm lemon water in the morning to kick start your system working.  I haven't made that a priority yet, but should try it this weekend.  I also need to focus on more veggies.  I know I don't eat a full cup when it asks for them, unless they are cooked.  A full cup of raw veggies is a lot, unless you are eating a salad, so I need to focus on that.

Anyhow, so far so good!  I did lose 1.5 pounds when I weighed myself at home, but was quite hungry this week.  That's why I have to focus on my veggie amounts to help fill me up more. 

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