Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer is here!

Once I live through tomorrow's PD day, I will be free for the summer.  Although, it seems to me my summer is already full of things to do.  It's always daunting to see just how much has to be covered over the summer.  How does any normal person do it?  Without the summer off to catch up, I am afraid my house would crumble and our friendships would fail. 

I just made a list of all the playdates we would like to have over the summer and I have 24 seperate dates listed.  Hmm, how will I ever fit that into my summer?  I guess 8 of those are adults I want to see, so potentially I could do a kid playdate during the day and then grown ups at night.  It could be a crazy schedule to fit them all in.  I may just have to have a JK party here, with 3 or 4 little boy friends of Devin's over at once. 

Then of course there is the TO DO list and it is crazy full.  It includes everything from: go through all the closets (yuck, totally time consuming), dig trenches in the back for new bushes to be planted, fix the garage door, re-caulk the shower, buy a new vehicle and on and on for about 30 other items. 

And last, but not least, all the fun stuff.  We have 2 holidays booked this year and hope to do some camping as well.  We also want to get to the Museum of Nature and Calypso Water Park.  We are planning a ride on both a double decker bus and the O-Train, too!  So, when will I get all of this done?  Did I mention swimming lessons every day for two weeks for both kids?  No, well yes, that too and it is right beside the public library, so we are hoping to visit there daily for those 2 weeks, too.  

Right now it feels overwhelming, but once we just get into it and go day by day, it won't be so bad.  It won't be bad... it will be great!  Lots of time spent hanging out with friends, crossing things off the TO DO list and just having a good time!  

What are your summer plans?

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